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Page updated 22nd October 1998

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Added August 11th 1997
Smof-files 1: The top 7 things to make sure are on your flyer/poster/ad 
Slightly updated on 10th December 1996
Smof-files 2: Standard job descriptions for worldcon staff 
Third version, the main job names plus some descriptions and an overview of job levels 
updated 4th December 1996
Smof-files 3: Standard forms
First version, description of future contents plus Ops schedule form 
updated 24th December 1996
Smof-files 4: How much to charge
What should the membership rate be? 
updated 28th October 1997
Smof-files 5: The Intuition Ops Manual
Intuition was the 1998 British National Convention (the 1998 "Eastercon") The Ops team designed a manual to explicitly state what Operations covered. You may decide to have more flexibility at your convention, or to divide the responsibilities differently, but you can use this as a benchmark and starting point for your own divisional planning.
updated 22nd October 1998
Another Fine Nessie image 3 
Another Fine Nessie 
Dates of EasterNew! 
The dates of Easter (until 2051!) for planning Eastercons, links to existing Eastercons and bids etc. 
Added 11th August 1997.

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