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a.k.a. Chris O'Shea
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Chris "The Magician" O'Shea is charming, witty, intelligent, handsome and above all modest chap of 37 years (38 in a few weeks from the above date). He is above average in height, weight, intelligence, guitars, magic books (mostly conjuring), science fiction paperbacks, beards and number of puns. He is below average in hair, spare cash, free time and quality of puns!

He talks about himself in the third person occasionally, but spends most of his time writing code for UNIX boxes including graphical front ends in X/Windows/Motif and MS-Windows and HTML/PERL and back ends in C/C++/Cobol/shell, and running SF conventions. He spends far too much of his money on Domain Name registrations (such as SMOF.COM, SMOF.ORG, CON.ORG, PC.ORG, MAGICIAN.NET, MAGICIAN.CO.UK and many others see for a longer list)

His current major project is Moving House! and the project so far has taken over three years. Further details available from the Moving House page. Latest news, he is now  on to the next stage, furnishing and redecorating the house, plus the frightening DIY bug appears to be biting <grin!>

He can be emailed at many addresses, including  and 

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The Magician, a.k.a. Chris O'Shea can be emailed at mail to or snail mailed at: 18 Letchworth Avenue, Bedfont, Middx. TW14 9RY. Phone: (020) 8707 2555.