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You are welcome and encouraged to add a link to either (or both) or SMOF.COM or ConNotation. The HTML code and some sample link graphics are shown below. If you'd like them in another size, colour or any other changes, just ask!

If you want to copy sections of the convention listing to use on your site, then please email me first to let me know but in normal circumstances I have no problems as long as you give me credit for the work in pulling this information together. I'll even help out where I can in producing the listing in a format that is easier for you to use (I run a report from a MS-Access database that produces HTML code, and copying and modifying the report code is very easy). If you want to use it on a commercial web site or for commercial purposes (e.g. to reprint it in a magazine) then contact me about rates (very reasonable!) and/or free copies of the magazine or whatever (I'm not greedy, I'd rather see my name in print!)

Sample Source

The following source

<a href="">
<img src="sfcons1.gif" width=180 height=60>
<br>ConNotation - The Magician's Science Fiction Convention Calendar</a>
Will look like this when displayed in the browser

ConNotation - The Magician's Science Fiction Convention Calendar

If you do a "view page source" on this page, you can get the width and height values from the table below.

Other hints and tips: If you don't want a border around the graphic add "border=0" into the "img" tag. You can link to the main page by leaving the "conlist.htm" off and allowing the browser to automatically find the welcome page. The "largest" graphic below is only 30Kb, but that is still a lot for anyone using a 14.4k modem (about 20 seconds) and I will update the images on this page as I get a chance to produce smaller and better images so check to see when this page changes.The date of last change is at the bottom of the page. If you want a "picture frame" border around the image, set the "border=5" or more. This will vary from browser to browser, but can look quite splendid, particularly for small pictures in a big frame (on the other hand it can also look incredibly bad, so use your taste and judgement ... as if I thought you wouldn't anyway!)

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