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"In the beginning the con was formless and without schedule, and the smof said let there be paperwork, and there was, and it was pretty OK-ish I suppose…"
[from the first book of con-running, ch1:v1]

One of the purposes of the SMOF.COM site is to encourage the re-use of resources, so that time can be spent on being creative rather than continually re-inventing the wheel. To further that aim, I would like to build up an archive of useful forms, handouts etc. Some of it will be drawn from existing material, some of it will be created one more time and, hopefully, some of it already exists out there and I can just put a link in here to it.

My first contribution will be an all-purpose scheduling form. The example given here is for a 24-hour a day form for use in a big ops team (i.e. Shift manager and deputy, radio and desk plus two runners) but obviously it can be adapted as necessary for other departments or number of people. It is presented in three forms: MS-Word 6 document sized to fit on both US Letter and European A4 paper, Simple HTML for use in intranet/internet sites and complex HTML with 4 hour staggered shifts with colour coding.

Ops Scheduling Forms

MSWord 6 zippedSimple Complex 4 hour staggered shifts, colour coded

If there are any other formats you think should go here (e.g. 3 hour shifts, non-staggered shifts, non-colour coded shifts etc.) then please let me know (you can use the link at the bottom of this page)

I'd like to add forms for sign-up for masquerade, photocall, writer's workshops, Koffee-Klatches (or however you spell them!), art show bid sheets, liability waivers, hugo nomination and voting forms, worldcon site selection forms etc. Plus standard pages on things like radio procedures, responsibilities of convention staff, tick lists of what should brought along to a convention, timelines for the convention as a whole and for each department etc. If you have any of this information already (preferably in an electronic format, but I'll take it in just about any format you have it) then please let me know and I'll be more than glad to give full acknowledgement to all contributions.

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