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CONRUNNER has been a labour of love for Scottish fan Ian Sorensen. A fanzine dedicated to getting people to talk about convention running. Not just "how to" articles, but reviews and editorial and opinion pieces deliberately chosen to stir up controversy. After the first half-dozen issues a "Best of CONRUNNER" was demanded and produced. A second "Best Of" has been on the drawing boards for a while now, and we hope that it will appear one day. In the meantime, back in issue 20 (November 1995) Ian promised that CONRUNNER would appear on the web sometime soon, and while it has taken longer than expected (and at a different URL), here it is!

For many years Ian Sorensen has spent so much time and energy contributing to fandom in many, many ways:

I'm also pleased to say that he tells jokes that are worse than mine and with more aplomb! In many ways if it wasn't for Ian there's a good chance I wouldn't be in SF fandom. My first UK non-media convention was Yorcon III in Leeds and I well remember sitting in the bar until the wee small hours singing along in a small crowd with Ian playing show tunes and stuff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the piano. I enjoyed Yorcon III so much that fifteen many years later I'm still here in fandom and proud to be able to finally put CONRUNNER on the web.

Chris O'Shea

You can get in touch with Ian by writing to him at:

Ian Sorensen, 3 Portia Place, Motherwell, ML1 1EL.  (This address is current as of November 2007).

Or by emailing him at

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