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Appendix 2

Sample Proposal Letter to a Hotel

Dear Sir,

With regard to the Easter convention 1986 we would like to submit the following for your consideration.

Hotel Arrangements for Albacon III

  1. All function rooms including the Banquet Hall to be available with suitable furnishings from Thursday March 27th,1986 (for setting up) until Tuesday April 1st,1986 (for taking down), both dates inclusive.
  2. At least two bars to be available, with breaks for restocking, from 11am until 3am Friday to Monday. Late licenses to be obtained where necessary by the hotel. Price of drinks to be intimated to the committee as soon as possible and in any event not less than 2 months before the convention.
  3. Cheap snacks to be available at mealtimes and after midnight.
  4. Suitable room or rooms to be available as secure storage.
  5. At least three bleeps to be made available for committee use.
  6. Keys for function rooms to be available to the committee.
  7. Hotel room rates for members to be inclusive of breakfast and VAT, and available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. The rates being:
Single with bath/shower 16.50
Single without bath 15.00
Twin/double with bath 16.00
Twin/double without bath 12.50
Triple room 12.00 per person per night.
  1. The Central Hotel will co-ordinate room bookings with the overflow hotel(s).
  2. Electrical, technical, ancillary and support services and advice to be available from hotel staff.
  3. No charges will be levied unless agreed in writing by the committee.
  4. The committee will not be liable for any costs outwith the terms of our insurance cover.

We trust the above is to your satisfaction and look forward to your reply.

Yours etc.


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