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Appendix 1 - Drink Consumption

Drink Consumption at Albacon III
(Peak of 995 members, 4 days over Easter)
Pints of beer 6512
Spirit measures (fifth of a gill) 2583
Cans of coke/orange 1614
Large (2 litre) bottles of coke 48
Large (2 litre) bottles of minerals 172
Baby juices 339
Bottles of Highland Spring water 120
Bottles of sparkling water 24

Drink Consumption at Albacon 84
(500 people, 4 days in a very hot July)
Real Ale 1200 pints
Beer 800 pints
Lager 1500 pints
Cider 350 pints
Coke, lemonade 1150 pints
Orange (fizzy) 200 pints
Orange (squash) 1600 pints
Orange (fresh) 1100 pints
Whisky 8 bottles
Vodka 7 bottles
Gin 5 bottles

Please note: Coke and lemonade was sold in cans, so has been converted to pints. The fresh orange was a concentrate sold in pints and halfs, the figure given was for pints of concentrate multiplied by recommended dilution factor so it may actually have been higher.


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