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Sticky Tape for Tech

Andy Croft

At a recent professional lighting and sound exhibition I came across a product that I intend investigating further but I think will be of interest to all conrunners. There is a tape on the market called "Stage Tape" that does not leave a sticky residue behind on anything that's been stuck with it. It can be repositioned a couple of times, goes up and down easily and is tougher than ordinary Gaffer tape. Very usefully, it also comes in wider sizes than Gaffer tape, namely 4, 6 and 8 inches wide. This means that one strip could be used to secure a cable across a floor where 2 or 3 strips of Gaffer would be needed. This alone covers the slightly higher cost of the tape since one replaces a couple, not counting the reduction in damage due to sticky bits being left behind. It also comes in a choice of colours, black and yellow. This means that for the first time cables across floors can be made noticeable as the hazard they are.

The tape can be obtained from John Henry Distribution, 16/24 Brewery Rd, London, N7 9NH. Telephone 071 609 9181, fax 071 700 7040.


This page updated on 09 July 1999