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Pick'n'Mix-a-Con (courtesy of Steve Glover's Spellchecker)

anaconda bacon balcony beacon biconcave biconnected coconut concatenate concave conceal concede conceit conceive concentrate concentric concept conception conceptual concern concert concerti concertina concertmaster concerto concession concessionaire conch concierge conciliate conciliatory concise concision conclave conclude conclusion conclusive concoct concomitant concord concordant concourse concrete concretion concubine concur concurrent concurring concussion condemn condensate condense condensible condescend condescension condiment condition condolence condone conduce conducive conduct conductance conductive conductor conduit cone coney confabulate confect confectionery confederacy confederate confer conference conferrable conferred conferring confess confession confessor confidant confide confident confidential configuration configure confine confirm confirmation confiscate conflagrate conflict confluent conform conformance conformation confound confront confrontation confuse confusion confute congeal congenial congenital congest congestion conglomerate congratulate congratulatory congregate congress congruent conic conifer conjectural conjecture conjoin conjoint conjugal conjugate conjunct conjure connect connector connivance connive connoisseur connotation connote connubial conquer conqueror conquest conquistador consanguine conscience conscionable conscious conscript conscription consecrate consecutive consensus consent consequent consequential conservation conservatism conservative conservator conservatory conserve consider considerate consign coonsignee consist consistent consolation console consolidate consonant consort consortium conspicuous conspiracy conspirator conspiratorial conspire constant constellate consternate constituent constitute constitution constrain constraint constrict constrictor construct constructor construe consul consular consulate consult consultant consultation consultative consue consummate consumption consumptive contact contagion contagious contain contaminant contaminate contemplate contemporaneous contemporary contempt contemptible contemptuous contend content contention contentious contest contestant context contextual contiguity contiguous continent continental contingent continua continual continuation continue contined continuity continuous continuum contort contour contraband contrabass contraception contraceptive contract contractor contractual contradict contradictory contradiction contralto contraption contrary contrast contravene contravention contretemps contribute contribution contributor contributory contrite contrition contrivance contrive control controllable controller controversial controversy controvertible contumacy contusion conundrum convalesce convalescent convect convene convenient convent convention converge convertible convex convey conveyence conveyor convict convince convivial convocate convoke convolute convolution convolve convoy convulse convulsion convulsive cony deacon deaconess decontrol decontrolled deconvolution econometric economic economist economy ensconce falcon falconry gyrfalcon icon iconoclasm iconoclast inconceivable inconclusive incongruity incongruous inconsequential inconsiderate inconsistent inconsolable inconspicuous inconstant incontestable incontrovertible inconvenient inconvertible irreconcilable lexicon malconduct malcontent millisecond nanosecond orthicon picosecond planoconcave planoconvex reconcile recondite reconnaissance second secondary secondhand silicon silicone socioeconomic teleconference transductance transcontinental ultraconservative zircon zirconium


((Alternatively you could do what we did when trying to find a name for the 1991 bid: try other words associated with SF but not having the magic letters CON in them. Shortlisted names included: Criterion, Eureka, Fandom, and Necronomicon. (Yes, I know it has CON but we liked the idea of the chairman being called the Necromancer!). Perhaps someone could list names with ENTION...? My spellchecker can't do that sort of thing.))



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