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My Impressions of Novacon 17

Michael T Day

A very slow start, it needed to be after Conspiracy. The opening ceremony went well. Saturday was off to a good start with Chris Morgan's fantasy character panel. The down side of this was that the room was freezing.

I missed most of "From Hotol to Hotel" which I was looking forward to, but the bit I did see was very good and I look forward to seeing more at Albacon. Peter Davies "the gravity of the situation" was very interesting. The idea about whether we need gravity or not is an interesting one for future authors to tackle: do we adapt to space or continue to develop artificial gravity devices.

A nice surprise was that I enjoyed the disco. The music and dancing was spot on. I met Storm Constantine, which was a very pleasant surprise indeed. The spray-on catsuit was delight to the eyes! I got some good photo's of the guy in the ape suit, which was great.

The midnight reading by Iain Banks was good but I missed most of Shaun Hutson due to an insistent pressure in the plumbing.

The fantasy panel was very good - you did not just get audience and panel or the panel versus panel fighting, but the audience were fighting among themselves and some very good points were made about formula fantasy.

Iain Bank's guest of honour speech was brilliant. That gag about a two-dimensional being living in your hotel trouser press brought the house down.

I was sorry Paul Davies wasn't there as I was looking forward to it. I also missed the closing ceremony as I had a train to catch. I would have liked ot have seen the rest of the night's events too.

Bernie and the rest of the committee did a very good job. Good luck to them next time.


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