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Anyone Have the Inclination?

Linda-Claire Toal

Anyway, so there I was at Contrivance, minding my own business (and that of everybody else) when I had a brilliant idea - why not put my fevered dreams of megalomania into practice and run a convention? Fandom would have remained unruffled and hunky-dory if only some others hadn't agreed with me and trustingly formed a committee to do the job. And that was that - history in the making.

After untold heroics, we are now proud to present our convention for general consumption - to be called for many profound reasons INCLINATION. Snappy sort of name really, but it sums up our aims and intentions neatly. We aim to have an entirely participative membership with everybody willing to play an active part in the programme, even if they have never tried before. This is why we are calling it INCLINATION - it is aimed at the person whose inclination is to be involved in whatever is taking place, rather than simply sitting on the sidelines watching life drift past. Conventions are no longer just a spectator sport! This is the key to our main reason for running this convention; we want to gather together a group of fans who like to take part in anything that comes their way. They don't have to be experienced at it, in fact we would prefer the novices to come, so that they gain some experience of programme participation.

All this came about from CONTRIVANCE where I discovered that there were many competent "young" (in convention terms) fans who were running small conventions, were funny or knowledgeable and had the potential to fill the shoes of the current ubiquitous fans on the programme. In a fit of enthusiasm I thought it would be an interesting exercise to try to bring these particular people into the same convention to make them more aware of the range of talent available, and also point out new faces to those involved in other cons. I discussed this with nearly everyone in Jersey, bored them rigid, turned their beards grey and got a good response, which unfortunately meant I thought I'd go ahead with it. Ah, the vanity of youth knows no bounds.

Perhaps INCLINATION could be best described as a participatory forum, which will hopefully allow people to go on to even greater things. "Participatory forum" sounds a bit pretentious I suppose, but it sums it up. (Why say in twenty ordinary words what you can say in two pretentious ones?) If this all sounds severely intense, don't worry - we expect it to be the frequently fun-filled festival of frivolity that we hope you want. The atmosphere should be tremendous because everybody will be part of what is going on. That leads me to the programme. Well, it had to be mentioned somewhere. We feel that it is important to involve the members in the generation of ideas, so that they feel they are going to a convention that they have all helped to put together. It is vital for us and our aims that INCLINATION does not present the programme as a prefabricated event, flung to the members on payment of 10.

It is hoped that the active involvement will be near universal - the committee might even have to do something! Suggestions on a membership form please. Talking of suggestions, we will be laying bare our programme ideas for comments from those who join, and inviting new ideas.

The convention site is under negotiation, but it will be in England next year, probably in May. If anyone is interested, grab me at Mexicon and browbeat me into explanation. That's about as much as I can say now, except that the committee is Michael Abbott, Helen Goff, Mike Gould, Richmond Hunt and me. I'm chairman - you always thought me bossy and now the truth is out of the closet. See you there.


This page updated on 09 July 1999