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Only a very short Conspiracy Corner this time as it has sort of taken over much of the rest of this edition of Conrunner. I had hoped to be able to publish a list of lost property as well as a financial statement, but they will have to wait until the final staff newsletter is prepared, hopefully in a few weeks. (It too would have been published by now, but useful information is simply not available.) According to John Steward, the Treasurer, our outstanding debts almost equal what is owed to us by advertisers, so any profit will be very small and there is a real danger of us making a loss. (Gulp!)

We still have a large stock of merchandise which we will continue to sell to raise cash, so please buy it up quickly! (We would have sold more at Conspiracy but didn't have enough people willing to man the merchandising tables.) We still have a couple of boxes of the ever popular mugs at 1.99, black sweat shirts (extra large only) at 9.99, "Britain is Heaven in '87" sweat shirts in blue (extra large and medium) at 9.99 and T-shirts of the same design in yellow or blue for 4.99. The best buy of all, though, is the Conspiracy pen - it's really two pens, one red, one black - and only costs 1.

The final membership figures for the convention were 4671 Attending, 1303 Day members and 562 Supporting. There were 700 no-shows. The total passing through registration was 5300 and the largest number present at any one time was 4700. The members came from 36 countries. And now they've all gone home. Yippee!!!!

This has been CONRUNNER 7. Published November 1987 by Ian Sorensen, 304a Main St, High Blantyre, Glasgow G72 0DH, U.K. Remember to contact me if you wish to remain on the mailing list. CONRUNNER 8 will be out by Easter 1988. Merry Christmas everybody!

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