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Coming Up To Date

It's two years since last Conrunner was published. It's good to be back.

I ended Conrunner 19 with the promise to put adverts out for "The Best of Conrunner" when it became available. I can now reveal that it is nearly time to think about designing the ads! Instead of a collection of articles I've written a series of checklists covering all the aspects of conrunning I can think of and tacked on a few pages of good advice. It will be available Real Soon Now, keep watching the skies.

Another thing that will be available soon is the Conrunner Web Page. Yes, Conrunner goes global with a page giving access to as many of the previously published articles as I can get permission to include. (This should cut down on the number of requests for back issues I get.) Hopefully, the web page will also allow me to include some of the artwork as well.

The Web page and FTP site will not be active until around Christmas I reckon so please don't waste your time checking them out till then. The URL will be

((Well, as you know by now, they've actually ended up here - WebEd))

My thanks to Naveed Khan for extending the offer of cyberspace.

The next issue of Conrunner will hopefully appear at Easter 1996 if you send me articles and comments. It would be nice to get someone to write about something other than bloody worldcons! If it seems that nobody wants a paper fanzine any more and prefers the electronic versions then I'll happily fold and include my conrunning thoughts in my other fanzine BOB.

So What Else Is New?

The MiSFits relaxacons have become a victim of their own success and the third in the series, MiS-Saigon, is to be the last. Originally "by invitation only" to keep the numbers within the capacity of the hotel and the atmosphere properly fannish, they made the mistake of not swearing attendees to secrecy. Thus a series of rave conreports led to increased attendances and now the abandonment of what was a jolly good idea. (Perhaps they're just pretending to stop...)

I am very much in favour of small conventions (around 100 members) as they are easier to administer, easier to find a venu for and easier to programme. With fewer people to cater for it allows for better targeting of the potential audience. Most hotels have a hall that can take 100, so you don't have to provide extra programming simply to stop the main programme hall overflowing. The other advantage of the small con is that you can manage the social side of things better too, getting better mixing in more intimate surroundings.

I was surprised to hear that Michelle Drayton in Glasgow was up in arms about Bob "Fake" Shaw's announcement that he was reviving Faircon (the original name for Glasgow sunner cinventions) by holding Faircon 96 on the same weekend as a major Trek con in the city. Exactly how an SF relaxacon in a hotel that can sleep less than 100 can adversely affect a 1000+ Trek con is lost on me. There is no reason on earth why two cons if different types can't take place simultaneously. I remember popping across Newcastle from the ultra-fannish Silicon to spend some time at the Trek convention called Galileocon. Greater diversity, smaller size: my predictions for the future of conventions.

After the Ball is Over

After Conspiracy I ran a small, fun event called Clonespiracy. Lilian Edwards and I planned to do something similar this time calling it Clonesection (or possibly Interclone) but we were beaten to the punch by those good folk in Sheffield, Steve and Alice Lawson who hope to run DISECTION - a post-Intersection post-mortem event. early next year. Their publicity suggests that you `Relax, reflect, refresh and get ready to do it again.' 2 supporting. Contact 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ.

Over to You

If you want to comment on this issue or send an article for the next one then please write to me at 7 Woodside Walk, Hamilton, ML3 7HY, UK or e-mail My phone number is (+44) 01698 282288 and I rarely go to bed before 2am, so phone for a chat.


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