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UFORIA in Manchester

Helen McCarthy

I am chairman of UFORIA 2, a con dedicated to Gerry Anderson's live-action series "UFO", September 8-10 at Owen's Park, Manchester. (Yes, I was at the infamous MANCON, and yes, Owen's Park has improved a lot - we are getting lots of co-operation from their ace staff and expect a great con there).

Our one-day con last year, UFORIA, which was so successful that we HAD to hold a weekend version, was attended by nearly 500 people and we turned a way at least another 200. Of these, approximately half had had no contact with fandom of any kind before the con - they were pulled in by the free TV advertising we got. That means at least 350 potential new fans who may well get into other areas of fandom if given the chance.

UFORIA 2 is setting up a bumph dump at the con where any con or fan group can leave its information/registration forms to be picked up. We will also have a limited amount of table space in our information area, which we will be glad to make available to any group which has one or more people registered at UFORIA 2 to man it. Anyone who's interested can drop me a line to 147 Francis Rd, London E10 6NT, and please include an SSAE.

We are also offering ad space in our con book (1000 copy run, international supporting membership, probably full colour covers) at less than commercial rates for fan groups or cons. A quarter A4 page costs 20 fan rate; copy deadline is June 30th 1989, and full details of technical requirements and other rates can be got from Katie Runciman, 87 Arran Way, Corby, Northants.


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