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Best of CONRUNNER - Contents


Introduction Ian Sorensen
Programme or be Damned  
Conventions and the Law Lilian Edwards
The Hunting of the Site Steve Davies
How to Sell SF Conventions Steve Davies
Convention Venues  
Albacon III, The Deputy Manager's Tale Peter Skardon
Insurance and Conventions  
Two Years Before the Con Paul Oldroyd
How to Obtain Sponsorship  
Talking Pictures Steve Green
Organising an Auction after Jack L Chalker
Will It Be Alright om the Night? Michael Miolloy
A Few Thoughts on the Subject of Stewards Sue Stuart
On the Care and Feeding of a Guest of Honour John Brunner
Spreading the Word  
The Prediction of Membership Vince Docherty
Appendix 1: Drink Consumption at Albacons  
Appendix 2: Sample Proposal Letter to a Hotel  
Appendix 3: Sample Letter of Welcome for Guest  
Appendix 4: Dates of Easter 1990-1995  


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