by TR Smith

(Fiona: I included this particularly because a European Worldcon requires an American fan who can both deal with American memberships and queries, and also respond to European requirements. The job of a US representative is a major responsibility, since so many thousands of Worldcon attendees will come from the US, even though the Worldcon is being held outside of it)

1. Does not accept personal responsibility for the entire continent, but will accept responsibility for small parts.

2. Act as an authority figure when needed (issues reminders to "clean up your room", "brush your teeth" and other types) at conventions I attend.

3. Attempt to pick up the mail from the Post Office on a semi-regular schedule or arrange for it to be picked up.

4. Process all incoming mail. This involves copying all correspondence and checks, issuing receipts for monies sent, mailing out PRs to new members, responding to membership inquiries ('This is the third time I've written about our status..."), playing nice to programme participant wannabes ("I will gladly forward your kind offer to..."), getting all this paperwork filed and mailing all the outgoing mail.

5. Read all the bloody email that comes through and put in my two cents worth.

6. Keep track of supplies here, such as stationery, back issues of PRs and Nessies, party goods, t- shirts, mugs, sports bottles (yes, they still haunt us), laser/fax/computer supplies, etc.

7. Co-ordinate all the PR mailings for the convention, and possibly Hugo nominations and Site Selection ballot mailings.

8. Try to keep the US bank account straight. Deposit all checks and charges. Try not to write too many checks. Issue reimbursements for US staff expenses (but only upon presentation of receipts!).

9. Keep a bookkeeper around to do the taxes here.

10. Attend meetings in the UK as budget permits, or send deputy.

11. Try to get to bed before 11pm so I don't piss my husband off for spending half the night working on Intersection.

12. Whatever other scout work comes up that needs doing.

13. Show up for the convention and find something useful for me to do.

FYI: I estimate that fulfilling these duties takes anywhere from 10 to as much as 30 or more hours a week, depending on what I am doing. Don't even ASK about weeks when we do a mailing...