AFN - On The Web

by Colin Harris & Nadja Tegen

This is the main home and index page for Another Fine Nessie on the Web.

It describes the current and planned development of the material and explains how to navigate the pages. Most importantly, it provides a full set of links to all the other pages.

Under Construction !!

As you will see, this version of AFN is very much a work in progress. However, we think it's better to post something basic but usable now and then enhance it later on than to wait another six months before posting anything at all. What you will find here so far is therefore just the text and some internal links. Later on we will improve the structure and layout as well as adding more resource links. Until then, please bear with us ...


Altogether AFN contains about 50 articles. For the time being they have been grouped in a fairly simple way by 'Divisions' and 'Areas', with a single central index (below). The first improvement planned will be to add more icons. Advance appreciation here for Chaz Baden, whose LACon 3 site has been shamelessly used as a source of icons and graphics. A full credits page will be added in due course as the amount of material increases.

The content and style of the articles varies greatly - not surprisingly given the open nature of the invitation to contribute. The atmosphere reminds me of a fanzine, and that's fine, but it can make it difficult to pull out factual information if that's what you want. We are therefore considering restructuring the material by style, into practical advice, opinion pieces, checklists and resources, and so on. I'd welcome feedback on what people would think of this.

All comments and other feedback can be sent to me at

AFN - The Index

Version 0.0 - 6 February 1997