By Fiona Anderson

There were 3 types of Security at Intersection: the uniformed ones we paid the SECC to provide the "Stewards": static badgecheckers and doorwatchers (grey ribbon) our fan "Security" rovers (black ribbon, black writing)

The latter 2 sets both came under John Harold, and I left all security matters in his capable hands, apart from liaising between him and Site about what we would pay the SECC to do for us - and the SECC had various minimum requirements we had to comply with.

(Actually the SECC had a book of Regulations, as well as a book on Emergency Procedures, a book on Health and Safety and a whole lot of other stuff' that: took forever to just read, let alone get your head round understanding it a11...)

One ot the most notorious requirements was to have Evacuation stewards On duty in each Hall during opening hours - the numbers varied, not only for each hall, but also for the estimated crowd in each. This was a killer, and no way could we nave staffed that on top of our other staffing requirements. However it turned out that the SECC were quite happy to brief everyone on what being an Evacuation Steward meant, and then for us to have our regular staff count towards the numbers, as well as our staff in the audiences to make up the totals. The intention was to have reserved seating set aside for anyone of our staff attending a program item who volunteered to be an Evac Steward in that hall for the duration of the item.

Recruiting people for general doorwatching duties was not so difficult, but recruiting for actual Security was extremely problematical as we obviously couldn't advertise, and had to rely on people being recruited persona11y through contacts.

All our stewards and security people were low-key in their approach, with no uniforms, no showy ribbons, and were very much into applying their situation-calming techniques. ie more like fandom's secret police than like Rambo types.

Security had their own separate radio net, for obvious reasons.

They were the only people with access to Areas after that Area closed, and who controlled access by any other staff, having a list of allowed staff supplied to them by the appropriate Area Heads pre-con.

One surprise for me was the sudden unannounced introduction by the SECC security people of "property removal passes". While this may have been a good thing, there was a definite breakdown in communication which meant that none of our staff had any advance warning this was going to happen.

Things Securitv needed to know:
Opening/closing times of each hall, and of the whole building
SECC-provided cover, plus how the Contract Allowance enables us to rejig SECC security staffing allocations
permission for sleepers in Art Show / Dealers Room areas.
details of Moon Rocks movements
security of loadinq/unloading.
stuff how the bid parties intended to police themselves, or do crowd control - our fan Security couldn't do more than patrol around and call in hotel security in case of problems.

John Harold and his people struck up a good relationship with the SECC security people, and were at all times calm, efficient and helpful to both our other staff and our attendees. They are greatly to be commended for a job not only well done but invisibly done, which is the ultimate accolade :)


By Fiona Anderson

6 chairs
2 tables
1 internal mercury phone
` barriers at SECC entrances to funnel people along concourse
radio base station
10 radios + earpieces
3 mobile phones
1 bleep
taxi - response
taxi - ferry late night staff'
power points
Crest Hotel - room + phone/tea, coffee facilities
Central hotel - room + phone / tea, coffee facilities


By Fiona Anderson

(Fiona: This set of instructions went into the Ops Manual, after consultation with John Harold, so that Ops Staff would know how to respond appropriately to any Security problems arising).

The Stewards/Security base is immediately next door to Ops. There will be general door-watchers / badge-checkers at the 2 ends of the concourse, and at the entrance to hall 4.

There will be Fan Fare stewards permanently based in Hall 4, and Art Show stewards permanently based in the Art Show. Fan Fare and Art Show stewards come under the overall control of John Harold, but will act directly to the control of Fan Fare and Art Show heads.

There will also be roving Security teams, who will have radios, and who will report in to their own Stewards base, who may decide to pass information or problems up to Ops at their discretion. These teams will act as eyes and ears for Ops , as well as sorting out stewarding/security problems.

The SECC have their own security guards, and these will be working very closely with John Harold. They are also on radio, and should be connected into our Security radio frequency as well as their own, so they will be very quickly contactable.

(Emergency procedures @nd evacuation are covered elsewhere in this m@nual)

Access to Areas after they are closed (e.g. Art Show after hours) will only be allowed to a particular list of named persons as supplied by that Area Head in advance. The only other access will be by Security Staff themselves. There will be sleepers in Art Show after it has officially closed and they will have the key to the connecting door between Art Show/Dealers Room, which will be closed during the day, when Art Show's own Security will hold the key.

Sylvia Starshine is i/c Art Show, Caroline Mullan is i/c Dealers' Room, and both will be contactable via bleep. There are 2 SECC guards on 24 hour duty in Hall 4, which is also covered by 24 hour security cameras

The Moon Rock escorts will be arranged via John Haro1d who is liaising with the SECC Security over this.

Finance will be operating a petty cash system in the Stewards Office, apart from their other functions e1sewhere.


and what Ops will and will not do concerning it

By Fiona Anderson

(This was written after consultation with Gytha North and John Harold, and after Board approval, but it's a fairly standard approach to how Weapons Policies normally operate at SF cons in the UK).

No weapons will be allowed to be carried at the convention. This includes edged weapons, projectile firing weapons, any replica or facsimile weapons, or any other object the committee deems to be dangerous.

If an object looks dangerous enough to cause concern to other convention attendees, please leave it at home.

The exception to this is the Masquerade. Subject to approval of the Masquerade Director, obtained in advance, a weapon may be used as part of a costume. However, arrangements must be made to transport the object to and from the event carefully wrapped.


1. Gytha North is responsible for checking all weapons to be used in the Masquerade and a NO from her is final.

2. John Harold is responsible for checking all weapons round the con, and a No from him or his team is final.

3. Should anyone other than a Steward/Security person be approached about deciding if a weapon is okay, they MUST immediately pass the person and their weapon to John Harold and his team for a declsion. This is to prevent people bugging every member of the committee in turn to try to get their weapon passed without getting an OK from our Security.

4. Caroline Mullan has already provided Dealers with info on ho to handle weapons sales and weapons buyers. (Basically that every weapon isarried away carefully wrapped).

5. Security may decide to ask the Ops Trouble-hooter to come down and give a high-level NO to someone who needs that type of crushing. But Ops will not overrule a NO from Security concerning weapons.


By Fiona Anderson

These were put into the Ops Manual to give the Ops staff an idea how the policies were to be put into practise. Not every situation can be covered in a manual, so the best thing is to try to encourage a feel for what is right, by a mix of policies and examples - later reinforced by playing our way through the Ops Problems Sets on the interops email bounce.

There are quite different laws in effect in the different countries of Europe, as to what you are and aren't allowed to do to restrain persons causing problems. In the UK the situation is extremely unclear, and so if any person looks as though they need physically touched in any way to restrain them, all our staff were instructed to immediately call in the SECC's own Security people, as they were the trained professionals.

Brackets at end of lines indicate probability of these problems occuring. While some are marked as "rare" or "unlikely", most of them have actually happened at cons in the past.

1 . Theft in Dealer' s room (sometimes)
Get our Security to find out from dealer what a missing.
Report theft to SECC security.
Depending on what is missing, call in police.
Inform Margaret Austin for insurance purposes.

2. Con attendee has lost all their cash and credit cards (sometimes)
. Get our Security to find out if they know where they last had these.
Check with lost property (in Front Office)
Tell person to cancel all cards.
Call police to check if any cards found, and report possible theft to them.
(Front Office will hold lost property, but will also keep Information Desk informed)

3. Con attendee has lost their passport (sometimes)
Inform our Security/Stewards/Gophers to be on the lookout for it.
Find out if there is a consulate in Glasgow ( which could issue a new one for the person)
Need a list of Consulates addresses and phone numbers to be held in Ops.
Check with the Police.

4. There is a group of kids playing with toy guns in Hall 4. (sometimes)
Inform Chief Steward, who will remind them of the Weapons policy.

5. There is a group of people wearing costumes with weapons round the con. (sometimes)
Inform Chief Steward, who will remind them of Weapons Policy.

6. Someone comes to you to get their weapon okayed (sometimes)
Call in Security (who are next door to Ops!) to give a decision, and back that decision

7. There is a fight between 2 men (very rare)
Try not to get hit Can in our Security, and the SECC Security too.

8. There is a fight between a whole group of people (very rare)
Call in SECC Security.

9. People turn up with forged convention badges (sometimes)
Get our Stewards to escort them to Registration for a check up

10. A guest has lost a very valuable piece of jewellery. (rare)
Inform Guest Liaison
Inform our Stewards, with description
Inform SECC staff
Check with lost property (in Front Office)

11. A foreign diplomat turns up (rare, but has happened)
Check with Fiona straight away what to do. If it's an Eastern European this will cause us certain types of grief, if it's a Western European then we could have major Security headaches, and either way it's a DCM-level problem.

12. A foreign diplomat turns up with Secret Service men (unlikely, but has happened)
Call for Chief Steward to deal with it.
He should find out if the Secret Service are armed, if they have a local police Liaison - and who that is. Get in touch with the local police.
Inform Fiona immediately.
This means *inform* me that they have arrived; it does not mean shadowing these guys to keep track of them. The last thing we want to do is to make them nervous.
Most likely their chief security person will be asking to be put in contact with our security people anyway.

13 While the diplomat is still there, there are people moving electrical equipment (unlikely) around (for legitimate reasons). This makes the Secret Service nervous.
Send in the Chief Steward to calm them.

14 There is a series of hoax phone calls about a bomb threat. (possible)
Treat them all as serious
Inform our Security, by *walking* through next door, *not* by radio.
Inform the SECC and follow the SECC procedure - see the SECC Emergency Procedures booklet.
Prepare evacuation plans - but DO NOT start evacuation unless the SECC Senior Security Officer orders it.
Inform all the people on the list on page 18 of the Ops Manual.
Pray !