By Fiona Anderson

What follows are the sets of problems I posted to the interops bounce in the 2 weeks before the con, so that the Ops staff could get to discuss possible solutions based on their experience compared to our particular situation, with reference to the Ops Manual.

There is no single right answer to most of these problems - but there are many, many wrong answers ! I deliberately haven't includes any examples of either with the questions - the idea is to give you some starting points for thinking about the consequences for yourselves.


1. Fan Fair requests 7 more gophers to help shift things.
2. Info Desk reports a fan has had their bag stolen - the bag contains cash and credit cards.
3. Registration reports a second person has arrived to claim a badge they have already given out.
4. The Hall Manager in Hall 3 reports the Program is running 15 minutes late.
5. A techie reports his piece of kit is malfunctioning and he needs help with it.
6. Info Desk wants to find a person who speaks Hungarian.
7 The AtCon Office passes a query about facilities for the Disabled.
8. Childcare reports a sick baby - in the Moathouse Hotel beside the SECC.
9. Fan Programme want a slide projector, and are aggressive with their demands - they are making a fuss on the radio.
10. Green Room is calling the Gopher Hole by radio to request an extra gopher.
11 The Hall Manager in Hall 3 reports that some Committee members are insisting that a particular program item be allowed to run late for an extra half hour.
12. You are an Ops Manager. Most of your Crew have failed to turn up. You have yourself and the Ops Trouble-shooter only.
13. You are an Ops Deputy. Only you and 2 Crew have turned up for your shift.
14. Dealer's Room reports 3 children thieving. No parents in sight
15. Registration reports a foreign diplomat has turned up and is demanding special treatment.


1. Fan Program is talking to you on the radio. Registration interrupts them and starts talking too.
2. Fan Fair reports 6 children playing chase around Hall 4. Parents abusive when asked to control children.
3. Info Desk reports a person inquiring about using a special effects explosive device in the Masquerade.
4. Security reports they have stopped a fan in costume, who says he has been given permission to wear the weapon that is part of' his costume by Committee member X.
5. Security reports an untagged kettle has been found in Green Room.
6. Security reports an untagged electric powered display has been found in Fan Fair. It is a very large display.
7. The Hall Manager in Hall 3 reports a TV crew is ignoring our procedure on permission for Press to film (or not) in program items there This TV crew loses their English when challenged by the Hall Manager.
8. Info Desk reports that a TV crew is complaining that other commercial TV crews are flouting their exclusive rights to film at Intersection.
9. Fan Fair requests more blue-tak.
10. The techie in Hall 2 reports a person with a sprained ankle.
11. Fan Fair requests extra lighting in Hall 4.
12. Info Desk reports a fan has lost their passport.
13. Gopher Hole reports a group of foreign fans have offered to gopher. But. they misunderstand every instruction and are no help. lhey are causing a disturbance as they want GRTs and will not go away,
14. Info Desk reports a parent concerned about a lost child - aged about 8.
15. Masquerade requests GBP 200 to spend on urgently needed items.


1. Registration reports a foreign diplomat has turned up, with 2 Secret Service men in tow, as well as two aides. He says he has been invited to present a panel item in 3O minutes' time, and where is the reception committee?
2. There is a bomb threat call. on the Ops Room telephone.
3 A techie reports his equipment is unsafe, and he wants Hall 3 evacuated until it is made safe.
4. Fan Fair reports a smell of smoke in Hall 4.
5. Security reports having stopped a group of 4 people whose badges appear to be forgeries.
6. Kidcon reports they still have children whose parents haven't collected them 1t is now 1 hour after Kidcon closed, one child is 6, the other is 10 years old.
7. Fan Fair reports a fight between 2 men in Hall 4.
8. Art Show reports the theft of a small sculpture.
9. Registration reports a fight between a group of 10-15 people.
10. Fan Program reports 4 children (aged about: 12) shouting abuse at fans in there.
11 AtCon Office reports that Immigration have phoned in wanting to confirm that a group of foreigners have accommodation arranged.
12. Info Desk reports that fans are complaining that their problems are being ignored. On further questioning, Info Desk has discovered that the fans previously reported their problem to a guy wearing a radio but no ribbon.
13. Security sends a runner to report that a guy keeps turning up at trouble-spots. They suspect he might be listening in on his own personal radio.
14. A guy with his own personal radio starts sending messages on the Ops radio net that cause confusion and chaos.
15. The SECC phone the Ops Room to order an evacuation(due to a bomb threat call). It is Mr Jones the Site Manager on the phone.


1 Someone hits the fire alarms in the SECC.
2. A group of fans claim they are being discriminated against by the Committee They threaten their members will withdraw from every item they are scheduled for, and that they will "tell the truth" in print.
3. A person arrives at Registration. They demand a free Press pass to the con.
4 An item in the Newsletter is libellous and the victim is threatening to sue. 6. The SECC Senior Security Officer orders an evacuation of Hall S only.
7 The SECC Senior Security Officer orders an evacuation of the whole building.
8. A panellist is throwing a wobbly - they seem about to come to blows with another panellist.
9. A published author turns up and demands to be put on the program.
10. A well-known author turns up and demands a free membership.

The next 5 problems all occur as everyone is waiting outside in the carparks after an evacuation:

11. Rumours start to fly, that it is a plot by a gang of thieves who want to get people outside so they can loot the Dealer's Room and the Art Show.
12. The crowd starts chanting "why are we waiting?" and there is a general surge towards the SECC.
13. Two parents want to go back inside to find their kids.
14. The summer's heat is so intense that many of the crowd are sick and fainting.
15. A parent wants to know what has happened to "little Johnny, who was last; seen playing with matches in the Art Show".


1. The gopher party for Monday night has not been organised. The room is booked, the money exists, but that is all. It is Monday afternoon.
2 A zipped-up bag has been left on the Concourse.
3. The baked potato stall reports the rubberstamps on the GRTs don't match the ones on their list.
4 The Gopher Hole wants their water cooler refilled.
5. A sponsor complains their room allocation is not what they were promised.
6. Fan Fair is complaining that the Moon Rock has not yet been delivered from its secret location.
7 An artist wants access to the Art Show after it has closed.
8. Fan Fair needs GBP 49.99 to spend on stuff for a certain exhibit.
9. The Masquerade want some service from the SECC which they know will cost GBP 499.99
10. WSFS requests another 10 GRTs
11. The van has left (it is Tuesday) and there are still artboards which need to be delivered to an address outside Glasgow.
12. The AtCon Office manager is complaining that he needs one more person to answer telephones in there there are no gophers available via the Gopher Hole.
13 A fan wants to use one of the electric wheelchairs, and is willing to pay.
14. Fans want to video in certain program halls.
15. A person saying he is Press Liaison is not on the list of' Press Liaison people, but he has several members of the Press with him, at Registration.