By Peggy Rae Pavlat

I can tell you some of the things which go into my (our/Bucconeer's) decisions, but I can't tell you what is "right" or even what our own organizational chart will look like a year and a half from now!

I knew that the exercise itself was difficult, but I didn't know that articulating the criteria or "guidelines" would be so hard. What I've come up with is below.

Early on, we listed every "activity" that "might" be at a Worldcon. The list included things from Programming and Newsletter to presents for the GOHs and dealing with an Official Airline. This list kept growing and growing, so it was A Good Thing that I clearly labelled the early versions "DRAFT".

The summer before we won, we made several conditional appointments: Pre-Con Registration, Money Person (CFO or Treasurer), GOH Liaison, Facilities, Pre-Con Publications, WSFS Liaison and WEB Master. (We had had elections for Chairman the previous winter.) Each of these positions would have tasks associated with it early on and needed to be Up and Running in the event that Baltimore was selected to host the 56th World Science Fiction Convention.

It was December (1995) before we made our next appointments. These were a Volunteer Coordinator and an Agents Coordinator (therein lies many a tale!) Then, aside from short term projects, it was March (of 1996) before we made other appointments. It currently looks as though there will be seven divisions, but that may increase by one or even two, if needed.

To Develop Your Org Chart, Look at:

Thanks to Larry Smith for suggesting the terminology "division manager" rather than the term used my many Worldcons, "division head".

So where, you ask, does Bucconeer's Organizational Chart sit right now? It's a work in progress.... that's another day's tale. And is a puzzle I'm current working.