By Helen Steele

(This is the draft document Helen put out to explain what the Fan Fair was)


The basic philosophy of the Intersection fan fair is simple: we wish to provide an area where socialising and programming can intermingle; where there are diversions and exhibitions generated and run by fans, for fans.

Bringing The Programme To You

Fan Fair, in conjunction with Programming Division, will be hosting many programme items and linked events and exhibitions; workshops and lasertag could run hand in hand with haggis eating competitions, launch parties, and malt whisky tasting.

Fan Fair will also be home to many exhibitions, especially fan exhibits. The wall dividing Fan Fair from the Dealers Room and Art Show will be brightened up by a scientific poster exhibition, fannish artwork, and, for those who want more active involvement (and a chance to get messy) as space for murals and graffitit. Fans with ideas for exhibitions are encouraged to contact us - our minds are open and we have plenty of space to play with !

Integral to the Fan Fair is the Fan Programme Room and the Fan Lounge and Bar.

The Market

One of the features of the Fan Fair will be the Fan Market. The Market was conceived to complement the Dealers Room and provide space for convention desks and fan dealers, at lower rates to reflect its less than formal nature: while the Dealer's Room will provide desks for the duration of the conventions as well as security, the Market will be more flexible, selling desks by the day and providing only minimal security.

Food, Drink, and Lounging Around

One of the primary functions of the Fan Fair is catering and social space. We shall be in liaison with the Exhibition Centre caterers to try to create a convivial and unique atmosphere - especially, we wish to build upon our location: Scotland has a well-deserved reputation for hospitality and we want Fan Fair to reflect this culture. As well as food and drink emporia, we are planning to leave a lot of space free for relaxing and socialising, essential to all fans, The concept of a Fan Fair is a new one to many, especially those from the UK and Europe, who may be more used to hanging around in bars separate from the rest of the convention; at Intersection we aim to bring a little bit of the convention to you.


Health and Safety

ALL electrical appliances which run on mains power must be cleared by Intersection electricians before they are plugged in. Inspections will probably take place on the Wednesday (23 August). Previous certificates or inspections will not be sufficient, due to SECC rules. Intersection reserves the right to confiscate unchecked electrical equipment for the duration of the convention, or in extreme cases, to ask those invovled to leave Hall 4


Payment for Booths must be in advance. Payment for desks can be on the day, but advance payment is preferred, and priority will be given to those booking in advance. Cheques should be made payable to "Intersection".


Fan Fair, is, by its nature, an open space and so Intersection cannot guarantee total security fro fan dealers or exhibitors. However, there will be at least 2, and at most times 4, SECC security guards on duty at all times, as well as Intersection staff, including a duty Hall 4 manager and dedicated Hall 4 stewards.

If you think that you need further security , or need to leave goods at a stall overnight, then it is suggested that the Dealers Room is more suitable for your needs. It is expected that fan dealers will either remove all of their property each night or staff their desks until the Fan Fair closes. After Fan Fair closes each night, SECC security guards will patrol the area.

For further security outside the Dealers Room there are lockable booths available. If you have any worries please ask.

Opening Hours

Fan Fair and Hall 4 will be open from early morning to late night from Thursday to Monday. There will be limited opening during Wednesday (the 23rd) predominantly to allow dealers and exhibitors to set up and for catering outlets to trade.


(various contact addresses/emails/PO Boxes)


The Fan Market is meant to complement rather than usurp the Dealers Room. It is a place for the fan groups, upcoming conventions, and fan dealers to spread the word or to ply their trade at a more accessible price than the Dealers Room, sacrificing security for flexibility. Tables will be available for the duration of the convention or for single days only; they can be booked in advance or at-con.

Booths are available to fan groups at additional cost and can include a door for extra security if required.

If you need something other than tables or booths, please write to us and we will contact you and attempt to cater for individual needs.

Convention Desks

Con desks will be dealt with as Fan dealers and will be located in the Fan Market. If you require more than one table, or if you wish to do something more than just man a table, space may be available. Please contact us for details.


The Dealers Room, not Fan Market, is the place for professional dealers, for example book shops or prozines. If you are interested in the Dealers Room, please contact the Intersection main address, marking your envelope or email for the Attention of Dealers Room.


Booths are available with or without a door, for professional or fan exhibitors. Professional exhibitors are classed as those companies wishing to promote a product rather than focus on direct selling to members. (please see below for charges). Fan exhibitors will be dealt with on an individual basis. In either case please contact Fan Far for more information


(All prices include VAT)


table 1 day GBP 5, whole con GBP 20
booth whole con GBP 120
booth with door whole con GBP 220

Professional exhibitor:

Booth whole con GBP 200
Booth with door whole con GBP 300


There will be a performance area within Hall 4 available free to fan groups or individuals. Adjoining a café bar it will be particularly suitable for flexible items which do not require fixed seating or equipment, such as short theatre pieces or games, whether planned in advance or on the day. If you think you might be interested in using the performance area then please get in touch for further details. Bookings to use the area can be made in advance or on the day to the duty Hall 4 manager.


Meet the authors! Meet your favourite author over a coffee. Many published science fiction and fantasy authors attend the Worldcon and this is your chance to talk to them in a relaxed atmosphere.


A large area will be set aside for Fan Programming Room, a lounge area and an adjoining bar. The Fan Programming area is being organised by Jenny and Steve Glover, and they and the Fan Fair staff are working together to make the Fan Lounge and Bar a convivial place to drink, meet other fans, and peruse fanzines. Whether you are a first time attendee, or a long-standing fan, we hope that we can cater for you all. The Fan Lounge will be adjacent to the Fan Market at the heart of the Fan Fair.


Science Programme will also be resident in Hall 4, holding a "Contact" game and organising a Science poster exhibition.


The main bar will also be within Fan Fair, as well as various food stands and cafes, offering a wide range of food and drink to cover a fair price range.

We will also play host to the site selection bid tables, and selection area, information desks, and part of the kids' programme.

Fan Fair is adjacent to the Dealers Room and Art Show.