By Caroline Mullan

The Dealer's Room at Intersection did not scale up from the Eastercon model, and nor will the next UK Worldcon Dealer's Room. The next UK Worldcon Dealer's Room will not have to reinvent itself , but we had to invent the Intersection Dealer's Room from scratch.

The Dealer's Room at Intersection was not sold out. It took nearly a third of its total bookings by value and a quarter by numbers of dealers after the end of May. It did achieve its objectives and its budgets without too many obvious mistakes (though the ones we did make were dillies, they have hopefully remained reasonably private to the con committee!). And if we had assumed it scaled up from and Eastercon and tried to run it that way, it is my deep and sincere belief that Intersection would have taken a very expensive bath, while providing a poor Dealer's Room to members.

Now arguably Finance and Facilities (Site) divisions and/or an active Fixed Exhibits Division Head should have handled the bulk of largish chunks of the work involved. But they didn't at Intersection. And arguably in our inexperience we did more work than we needed to do in certain areas. But if we had just assumed that the Committee (in the wider sense) understood the marketing, site, and finance requirements involved in running a Worldcon Dealer's Room thenů but I've already stated my conclusion.

However, as far as we can tell Conspiracy did scale its Dealer's Room from an Eastercon despite being in a convention centre, because Conspiracy actually was a larger Eastercon in terms of organisation, and I have set out the differences below, for those of you who like details:


Mark Plummer has run the Eastercon Dealers Room for five years. For Eastercons in the past, Mark:

Then at the convention itself, for the most part the 30-50 dealers for whom there is space:

At an Eastercon Mark does not:

Incidentally, I was going to mark the items above that Conspiracy either did not have to deal with or did not require their Dealer's Room organiser to concern himself with, but then I realised that the ONLY one that would remain unmarked is the furniture hire! So I didn't.

Then at the convention itself