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Page & Site updated 2nd July 2008
ConRunner is now on the web HERE!

Conventions and Con Listings

ConNotation - SF Con List

ConNotation - The European SF/Fantasy/Gaming/Comics Convention Listing
(listing SF cons since 1988, and on the web since 1995!)
updated 1st December 2006, looking for volunteers to help keep it up to date!
Spinning Redemption B7/Psi LogoSpinning Redemption B7/Psi LogoSpinning Redemption B7/Psi Logo
Redemption '09 - The Multimedia Science Fiction Convention
February 20-22 2009 - Redemption '09
- plus reviews of the most recent Redemption cons (R'03, R'05, R'07) etc.

Contemplation - The 2007 Eastercon
April 6-9 2007 - Contemplation

Convention Running

The fans are out there
Click on the image above or here!
Now including the dates of Easter until 2051! 
Also includes the "7 things to put on a flyer" and various other useful pages 
Latest Addition: The Intuition Operations Manual 
ConRunner edited by Ian Sorensen
"the fanzine for people interested in organising conventions"
Ian Sorensen's highly acclaimed fanzine for ... well, fairly obvious really!
Newsletter from ConRunner 2008 convention
link to ConRunner 2008 convention site
Another Fine Nessie image 3
Another Fine Nessie
The ideas, dreams, plans and results of the 1995 World Science Fiction Convention, held in Glasgow, Scotland

Other Stuff

Filk Primary Sources
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Tim & Marcia Illingworth's Wedding Photos
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My own home page at (with tips on moving house!)
See the Worst Award of 1997 - Nominee
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